Friday, May 25, 2018

The First Hippo On the Moon

This Week was our first Hooked on books week and on thursday we read the book about The First Hippo On The Moon by David Williams and It was illustrated by Tony Ross. What I found Challenging to do for the rocket was trying to think of a important note and eight things that can go wrong. What I found challenging for the statue was the head because before I fixed it it looked like a small animal on a big rock.

This is the cover of the book The first hippo on the moon.

This is the present that had this book in it and on friday we cut it in half and Maddie my friend and I got half each. This was a big challenge because the hole class wanted to know what was inside. When we  got the book out of the box the teachers explained why we did art all day that I will explain soon.

This is Maddie My partner to make our page of the book. All day before we got to read the book we got to see the words and we had to draw a picture on paper the we had to iron a piece of fabric and draw the picture on leaving  a blank space on the left side to act as a spine of the book. After we draw the lines we had to make a flour and water paste and we put it into a snap lock bag and we cut a small hole in it in the corner and squeezed all the paste onto the lines and then waited for it to dry. After the paste dried we had to paint in the lines then wait for that to dry then pick off all the paste and it was done. What I found challenging was picking off the paste because Maddie pushed it down while the paste was still wet. What I think we could have done different would be cutting a smaller hole and not letting Maddie pat down the paste.

This is our finished page and I hope You like it. Also our line was "Tina got the wood.".
This was really challenging but I think it turned out really well.

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