Friday, April 12, 2019

Easter Hats

Today is our easter day at school.
So first we are making easter hats for the easter parade.
I will have some more posts about our easter day soon.
Here is my hat and some of my friends hats.

Those were the photos.
I hope you liked our hats.
or not.
We didn't have plans (Apart from maddie who has a bunny on the top)
The hardest part was thinking of a idea.
First we had to make the hats shape.
I think that is the hardest part because you need to make the base ok.
Second we put down the biggest part of the decorations down.
That was hard because we had to think of a plan.
Third we added finishing touches making it even better.
I will be posting some more easter things soon.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

GRIP Leadership

On Wednesday the 10th of April the year 7s and I went to GRIP Leadership.
Luckily I am a year 7 this year because only the year 7s at our school could go.
Myself and lots of other year 7s expected it to be boring and they would just be talking the whole time.
Little did we know that it was not going to be like that.
On the way in there was a cafe and a hairdressing place.
We had to take a turn and go into a big room.
We went and sat down in the middle block of seats at the very back.
First they explained about a little booklet that we all had and it was what we would be using.
First we learnt about the first step in the leadership pathway where we had to write a bit then we had to go meet other leaders in the room.
Then we met the 'Loud Noise Boys' that were not very loud but they got us to be loud.
We played a game where 4 people went on stage in teams of 2 so there were 2 teams.
One person got blindfolded and the other person had to think of a one word hint to give the other person about a certain word.
We learnt about the 4 core traits of leadership.
We learnt about lots of things that will make us better leaders to our school.
The 4 core traits of leadership are Empathy, Reliability, Confidence with humility and Others Focused.
There was one game that Grace got to be in where they had to say if a topic to help was good or bad or as they said it "Hot or Not".
Sadly, Grace got the second to last question wrong and had to sit back down.

We were really lucky to be able to go and we would definitely go again.
I found it really fun and it seemed like a concert.
I'm glad we got out of our comfort zones and talked to new people.
Mrs Spragg also brought us a badge each.
My one is blue and pink and it says something about leadership.
Feel free to comment on our day.
Also did you go there?

Thursday, April 4, 2019

House - Home Learning

Today for my home learning blog post I chose the house activity.
All the information you will need to know about the activity is in the slide.
Here is the slide...

That was my slide.
I hope you liked it.
Feel free to comment on what I might of done well or what I can improve on.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Science - The Circulatory System

For a while I have been doing science.
Because of that I decided to show you my slide part of my science.
I have only just started my poster and need to cut some things out and glue them on.
For my science we had to choose part of the body.
The Skeleton - Muscular System, the Digestive System and the Circulatory System.
I chose the Circulatory System.
Here is my slide.

That was my slide.
I hope you liked it.
It only took me two days to make and the hardest part of making the slide was probably thinking of a idea on how I would make my information look.
Overall the most challenging thing would be note taking.
The most fascinating thing for me was finding out that these things are actually in us.
I was wondering how it worked but now I definitely know how the circulatory system works as it said in my slide.
Feel free to comment on what I have done well or if there is some information that you want me to know.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Free Write - Sneak Peek

Today I worked even more on my free write as well as other times that I have worked on it.
Because of that I decided to share you some sneak peeks of the next part.
If it seems like it has jumped from one thing to another that is because it might of.
I skipped some slides that I am sharing.
I still haven't finished it.
Also I changed the name of the story to 'The Game'.
Here is the sneak peek.

That was my slide.
I hope you liked it.
Feel free to comment on what I have done well and what I can fix in my writing to make it better and more interesting.
I have been using all of my free writing time on this.
This story is taking longer then expected because I keep getting more ideas.
Hopefully it will be finished soon and it will be interesting.

The Moon

This week for my home learning blog post I chose to do the moon activity.
All the information you might need to know about the activity is in the slide.
Here's the slide.

That was my slide.
I hope you liked it.
Feel free to comment on what I did well or what I can do better next time.

Monday, March 25, 2019

My Response Work

Last week we couldn't post a blog post becuase of the lock down we had on the friday before.
Becuase of those events we decided to do some response work about that.
Everyone in our class had lots of cool ideas.
As you can tell it didn't bring us down.
This is my slide about my response work and other things about what we did.
Here it is.

That was my slide.
I hope it gave you enough information about what we have been doing.
If you want to know more about what we did you can comment.
I had lots of fun makeing my paper crane.
It took around ten minutes to complety finish it.
The hardest part of making it was making the neck and tail becuase you had to do a werid fold that took awhile for me to figure out.
Anyway, thank you for reading my blog.