Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Dingo and the Hunter

The Dingo and the Hunter

It was a rainy cold night, there were stars twinkling through the clouds, and you could just see a few stars,
All the people were celebrating the rain that had filled up the dry lakes.
A Hunter came along with a hunting boomerang
and found a Dingo just sitting on a sand hill
So the Hunter threw the boomerang at the Dingo,
But it missed.
Then the hunter saw a kangaroo and
threw it at the kangaroo,
But missed again.
The dingo noticed that the people were hungry,
And so was the dingo.
So the dingo attacked the kangaroo
and brought it to the people.
So they all ate.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

My Magic Box

I will put in the box
The Roar of the biggest of the big cats on earth
The dust that a leopard puts up while he sprints past
And the force that a wolf will throw at you

I will put in the box
A leaf from the widest but shortest tree in the world,
The power of a eagles wings who goes as fast as a cheetah,
And the most pure stone.

I will put into the box
A tiger tickling a turtle
The first bark of a puppy
And a feather from the rarest bird

I will put into the box
The rarest gem
The rock that is as strong like a world champ wrestler
And the smallest tiger cub on earth

My box is fashioned with the purest and strongest wood with gold hinges,
My box is painted the deepest darkest black and the most pure gold to look like space like a field of dreams,
My box has the shiniest glitter colored lock with a matching key.

I will ride a tiger
I will ride the bravest strongest tiger through the biggest forest,
With the wind in my face from the speed and agility of the tiger,
Jumping over and going under branches till my box ends.



Monday, November 27, 2017

A&P Show

This is My slide of work about the A&P show. All the information is in this slide. I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The oceanmaker!!

The oceanmaker
Hi I’m Kawa and This is my story plus it  happened around 2 whole years ago but still I’m going to tell you now because now we have paper here anyway let’s get on with it.
I had no hope I had been flying around for a week with only a bit of food and water on a broken plane, I was looking around and I saw broken ships and boats also old docks but they weren't broken. There was no water so I was afraid that I would die of thirst or hunger. My plane is smoking but there's nowhere to land and if I do I might not be able to get back into the sky again. I am exhausted, I’ve been flying around for ages trying to make the rainmaker otherwise I will die of thirst.
I was flying around for another hour then I saw a cloud and a lighthouse then I fainted. I finally woke up and I saw a small group of 3 who were twins and a older sister. I was in a house well more of a broken submarine house thing but still then I remembered my plans so I ran out finding my plane smashed so I quickly grabbed my back and packed up my plans and my other things then they grabbed me and got me back to there thing. Then they told me there names what are Pearl for the older sister and then Ochen and Moana for the twins. Then I told them my name which is Kawa. After we introduced ourselves I explained to them my plan of making a rain maker or finding water.
I said to myself if we are getting water we have to get to the cloud so I just started walking there but Ochen and Moana held me back and said “we should go fix the plane and fly there otherwise we will die of thirst before we even get halfway there”. I said “you're right we will get there so much faster if we fix the plane”. First we all went around the broken submarine finding parts we can use to fix the plane luckily there was everything we needed and more so we made extra seats for the twins and more room for the sisters to put there stuff then we fixed it and we got the last of the food and water as quick as a leopard and we were off flying to the clouds.
We set course to the cloud where the hills are. When we got to the clouds I got a bit of cloud to take with me when so  suddenly Pearl shouted “WATER, GRASS, HOUSES, TOWN, SHOWERS, POOLS, FOOD!”. There was water and fresh grass so we landed there greeted by 2 people called Sunny and Bob they were the only people living there so they invited us to join them in this amazing place. Pearl, Cohen and Moana were off to pick out a house but I stayed and said “Thank you for your kindness Now OFF TO PICK A HOUSE oh and we should have a BBQ later and can we pat the animals” they are really kind and they said yes!!!!!
I had hope again then suddenly it rained and we all cheered for rain keeping us all alive. Then I had a shower and I washed my clothes is well. Then we had a BBQ to celebrate having food water and shelter and of course after that we pated all the animals who lived in that area.


The process. (Sorry if it's hard to read) We first saw a bit of a video called rainmaker so we watched a bit then talked about everything then we made a plan which is right here.
Nov 7, 2017 9:21:14 AM.jpg
Can I have your feed back green, orange or red. Yellow is in the middle of green and orange.

Friday, November 3, 2017

My new kitten!

This is my kitten and I got her Thursday, November 2 everything I know about her and all the photos are inside and I have only known her for a day because today is Friday, November 3. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Te Uru Manuka Logo

These are my Ideas for the logo for Te Uru Manuka I chose  these logos because I think they represent Te Uru Manuka.

Can I please have your feedback for the logos that I did and tell me your favorite.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Kids are the future.

This is Maddie and my made up party will you vote for it yes or no.
Can I have your feedback please.