Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Ice palace

Ivan clapped a hand to his mouth, Stifling a cry. He was looking at a huge wolf collision. One of the
younger wolfs had leaped at him when suddenly the biggest wolf had pushed the younger wolf out of
the way. Ivan was afraid, too afraid to look up from his shoes to face the wolf. The big wolf suddenly
gave Ivan’s shirt a hard tug and pulled him to the ground. Ivan huddled himself into a ball, trying to
disappear. To his surprise, the big wolf came and curled up around Ivan. Ivan ended up falling into a
deep, deep sleep. Suddenly Ivan awoke to the wolf jerking at his shirt, desperately trying to get Ivan
up. The wolf then dropped a slab of meat onto his chest.

What Ivan didn’t realize was that the meat wasn’t steak or chicken, It was human. This human was a
little boy that looked just like Ivan just smaller. Ivan Screamed out. He was horrified at what he saw,
It was his brother. He looked up, and he saw Starjik and his voice boomed in the morning sun “What
you didn’t know, is that some kids are eaten!” He then chuckled pleased with what he said. Ivan
sobbed, looking down at his brother. He then shoved his brother's body off him, so he could get up
and bury him. But as soon as he did that the wolves lunged at his brother, and ate him in seconds.

Ivan crawled, into a corner. He suddenly felt like the ropes connecting him to his brother were cut,
and his brother was floating away while Ivan was clinging on to a tree root, afraid to let go. Ivan then
realized that he could no longer go any further to save his brother, or anyone else because if he let
go of the root he would go. The tree did not want Ivan clinging to the root, so the tree danced in the
wind trying to get free. But Ivan knew he had to get out of there before it was his turn to float up to the
sky. Like an arrow shooting from a bow, Ivan felt a swarm of warmth so he tried to remove his furry
jacket but he could not find the zipper nor could he stand up. He then tried removing his shoes but
what was in his feets place were small paws. He crawled over to an ice-covered lake and
whimpered at his reflection. He had become a wolf with small paws, blue glassy eyes, pitch black fur
and claws as sharp as knives. He decided that if he was a wolf he could talk to wolves, so Ivan
foolishly slipped onto the ice and that's when disaster struck. The ice parted, swallowing him whole.
Like knives, the rush of Ice water hit Ivan. Like a cat, he desperately clawed for the sky, trying to
escape the ice prison. But the hole was closing over, and that's when the watery hole became ice.

The End

This week we have been writing a conflict, resolution and ending to a book that we have been reading in our own words and storyline. This was my story and I am really proud of it. Can I please have some feedback on this story ending.

The book that we have been reading is called the Ice palace and we have finished it and it was a great book

Friday, September 7, 2018


It was 1992 and this man was being chased by the police. He was wearing a dark coat and a white
shirt. He had a short mustache and was very tall. This man wasn’t any man he was magic. Ever
since he was little he could shift through walls, Little did he know that this magic would stop in 1993.
He was born into a family of robbers so his family took advantage of this gift and made him rob the banks for them. So It was the day before 1993 when he was being chased and it was 1 minute before
midnight when he ran at the wall to make his escape…

I better explain what he had robed to make half the town's police force chase him, well I will tell you.
It was the night his family had been planning for months, the great rob of the queens crown and all of
its jewels. He did this successfully but he was caught by the guards on the way out. So he ran as far
and as fast as his legs could take him till he got to the park wall. He got into the park no problem
going through the first wall but going through the second wall it became 1993. He was stuck. The police climbed the wall ang got the jewels back as the man slowly dies a slow painful death by
suffocation. The family was arrested quickly after with a life sentence in jail. They were sobbing and
once he died the towns folk pulled him up using string and painted him gold. People now say that in
2093, at 12 am he will come to life to continue what he had started.

Today we did a ten-minute writing challenge about a man being stuck in a wall. I think I did really well with this. Can I please have some feedback for this.

Friday, August 31, 2018

A waste of time

This term we are doing an inquiry about rubbish and our waste.
We have started and it has been quite fun so far and there is lots of group work.
I really enjoy doing the PMI's to show how we thought the group worked together.
I hope you like my post and please give me some feedback as I update this.
In the future there will be a lot more slides.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Ice Palace

This week we have started reading the Ice palace as part of our writing. We have had to make the first two paragraphs of the story up using the first sentence without hearing any part of the book except for the first sentence. This is the first sentence: "Turn your face to the east wind, and if you could see forever you would see Ivan's land. It is a land where..."  Here are my first two paragraphs...

Turn your face into the east wind, and if you could see forever you would see Ivan’s land. It is a land where... the good meets the bad, the light meets the darkness, the dogs meet the wolves, the trees become a thick never ending forest with a blanket of snow above. It is a mistake, It used to be fun, winding in and out of the forest trees, now it has been ruined since the ruler called Ivan came. He made it the land of the bad, named Ivan’s land. It now fills the villagers hearts with ice to hear or speak his name, and I am ashamed, ashamed to have let my own brother take kindness from the village. We all want to save the village, by coming to his front door and taking it all back. But we can’t do that because he has wolves that rip flesh from people and take heros from the village. The village has become dark since he left, he was a good person. It all started 4 months ago when he turned 18, the day the boy he was became a man. In our village we have a ritual, for all the kids becoming adults have to do to find out if they are good or bad. Everyone in the village was here in the middle of Ivan’s land before it was his. He carefully placed his hand on the rock then it suddenly shone a bright gold, meaning that he was good, but then it flickered and the gold turned black.

Suddenly Ferocious Wolves appeared on the edges of the clearing when the rock suddenly spoke:
“EVERYONE MUST LEAVE THIS FOREST IT IS NOW Ivan's Land!” Everyone was shocked but they till was watching the rock. Suddenly the leader of the wolf pack with his pitch black fur shining out from the snow shot out of the trees surrounding the clearing, like a leopard he agilely leaped like a cat onto the rock, on top of the rock, the wolf stood and watched. Suddenly he
howled and like a flash the rest of the wolves blurred as they ran out of the trees and ripped us from the forest. When we were out of the forest we had to start the long trek back home.
I hear kids screaming, I see people hiding, I taste the cold bitter air, I smell the sadness and
I feel the evil. I have always been told that I have a gift, for helping and finding the good in everything. But I don’t think I do because I can’t think of anything good about this. I now have
a job so then my family and I can afford to look after us. Its now only my mum, dad, younger
sister and I. My little sister looks just like Ivan and my father with her dark brown hair, pale skin
, and brown eyes. But my mum and I are different we have icy blonde hair, sea blue eyes but we
still have pale skin just like everyone else in the village. No one here now has dark skin unless they
came from far away but they leave after a while. My family is the family that holds everyone up
and gives them hope and resources but now we are just like everyone else, afraid, of him. I want tohelp in whatever way I can, but it’s difficult when your brother was the best warrior and the most skilled hunter. Now I have to save the village from the ice and snow, I want to help them not
be afraid.
That was my first two paragraphs, I hope you liked them. Now, this is the front cover for the Ice palace...
Please give me some feedback on this blog post, because I will really appreciate it and I will reply to the comments and improve my writing to what you say I should improve.

Friday, August 24, 2018


I think I did well for my speech even though I only had two days to write, edit and practice it. But I got into the finals for my year and I was against Mia, Maddie, and Gracie. I was against more people because Maddie and Gracie tied for the class competitions. Gracie got first, Maddie got second, I got third and Mia got fourth. Now here is my video of me presenting to the year 5,6s in my class.


Everything you need to know is in the slide.