Friday, July 6, 2018

My Term 2 Reflection

  • What worked well for me this term
I think I have done really well with my writing for going past the word limit and trying to get it to as high a standard I can and writing as much as I need to write the whole story. Reading also worked well for me this term because I enjoyed doing the work about Posted.

  • What I’m proud of this term
I’m proud of my math because I think I’ve done ok in the angles and converting fractions
and decimals and percentages. I’m also proud of my reading because every week I complete
the questions and the 1 activity quickly but at a high standard. I am really proud of my newspaper
mainly because the first two days I used the site then on the last day it all deleted and I quickly
remade it on a doc and edited and then I was the first to finish it.

  • How have I shown my YMS hero qualities
When I got my first badge for getting 100 hero cards on Thursday the 5th of July.
When I still tried to finish all of my work on my news report to a high standard and only
needed to have one more and put into it. When I finished my Digi awards to a really high
standard even when It was a bit hard making some things.

  • Are there some things that haven't gone well for me this term
What I think hasn’t gone well for me is that my first news report that I had finished was deleted
because It made me rush to finish my work but in the end, I think it was some good work.
I also think that math hasn’t gone so well but it got better because at first I didn’t know many
of the angles but now I know a few more.

  • What challenges me and how did I work through that challenge
What challenged me was covering the things into other things at first but then I got help and
it is a little bit easier now if I have the triangle up. What also challenged me was when we got some
questions from posted that we hadn’t read yet but then I just thought a bit and put what I thought about it.

  • What will be my focus next term

My focus next term will be to improve on math even more than I have this term.
My other focus would to be to get better at my writing so then I will get all greens and not so
many oranges and NO reds.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


The last reading sheet follow up we had was about tsunamis and we had a lot of activities to so and we had to complete them all, I hope you like the slide and can I please have some feedback, Everything is in the slide.

Lines of symmetry

This is part of the work we have been doing on our slides and it is Lines of symmetry.

-1st Image
- The C does have a line of symmetry where it's showing because if you cut it in half and flip one side over they will look the same.
-The B doesn't have a line of symmetry there because if you cut it in half and flip it lot's it still won't look the same.
- I think you get it now

-2nd Image
-For this one, I put in the lines of symmetry so you can see the answers I did for this part of my work. 

Thanks for looking at my blog and can I please have some feedback.

My Poetry Anthology

This term for writing we have been doing poetry and altogether I have made 36 poems in this  Poetry Anthology all on 10 slides.
-3 Acrostic Poems
-9 Haiku Poems
-21 Cinquain Poems
-3 Alliteration Poems
Can I please have some feedback.

Friday, June 29, 2018

My news report

This Week we have been doing a newspaper that only takes up 2 pages and has to include
A Ad
A headline
A picture
Atleast 2 reports
The 5 w's in the first paragraph
and a little bit more anyway I hope you liked my news report and can I please have some feedback.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Day One Of My P&O Cruise

In May till June for 2 weeks I was on the Pacific Jewel. The Pacific Jewel is a cruise boat from P&O cruises and is one of the smallest boats of all of the boats called, The Pacific Aria, The Pacific Explorer, The Pacific Jewel and a few other cruise boats. This is what I was doing for those two weeks.


It was Monday and it was time to get up, our boarding time for the boat was 2:30 but our flight was around 10-12 in the morning so I didn’t need to rush I was packed and we were leaving the house at 9:00. It was risky flying out the day of the cruise because it was windy in christchurch and our flight could be delayed any moment and we could miss the cruise. It was 9:00 and we were nearly at the airport. It was only a little bit after 9:00 when we arrived at the airport. We were early for our flight but we ended up deciding to go wait in the sitting area waiting for our gate number to be called. A while later we were on our 1 hour flight to Auckland, I was sitting in the window seat next to my Mum and Simon and in front of us was Megan and Jorja. We arrived at Auckland and a nice taxi man took us to the port and it didn’t feel like a long drive from the airport to the port.

We Finally arrived at the port 1 hour before our boarding time but we still got our bag tickets and put them on our bags then our bags were put onto the boat, we went into the waiting area and a sign said “NO WATER” and Megan threw out her water but Simon, Mum, Jorja and I still had our water and so my Mum asked a security lady and she said that you could get rid of it up stairs so we went up the escalator into the shop and, there was a place next to the shop where we had to fill out a overseas form then grab those and our passports and get into the line. Once we were at the front of the line we threw out our water and put our bags on the scanning machine and we went through the human scanning machine. We also had to go in another line to get our room cards and they were also how we buy things that my Mum would pay for at the end of the cruise. After all of the security Megan, Jorja and I got our gold cards where we could go on the activities then we finally boarded the boat “I was the first on” and brought 5 lanyards one each for our cards.

We went to our rooms and Megan and Jorja picked up their bags from the side of the hall and a little bit later Simon got his bag from the hall but my Mums and my bags weren’t there and after everyone else unpacked my mum got her bag and a little bit later I got my bag and unpacked. Megan, Jorja and I decided to go look off deck 14 that was the highest deck that we could go and we could see deck twelve from up there. There was no deck 13 and we weren’t allowed to go on deck 1 and 3 but there were still 14 decks or I should say there were really 13 decks but the staff don’t want to admit it. After that day we were hungry so we went to the restaurant called The pantry.After we went through security, unpacked, explored a little bit and ate we decided to go back to our room and relax then go to sleep.