Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wearable Arts

This term we have been doing wearable arts every Tuesday morning. I am in a group with Maddie and Bridget.  We have finally finished the outfit, and all we have to do is upload the video. The video is not uploading so we can't put it on the slide but we have filmed it.
Hopefully by next Tuesday it will be on the slide so you can see the whole outfit and the dance.  I have found that making the T-shirt was hardest becuase of the shape but we eventullay did it and it looks ok. The skirt was being diffucult when it came to painting becuase the black parts splattered everywhere. We ended up cutting the bottem part off so the skirt is shorter then we thought it would be. The umbrella always fell apart but not to much so it was easy to fix. We were going to have a necklace but we hot glued beads to it so now it doesn't streach and it won't work. Please comment on our outfit and how you thing it could be better.

Friday, November 9, 2018


For a while we have been doing a inquiry about a topic that is based of rubbish. My topic is Rubbish VS Wildlife. Since both Maddie and I have been coming to a end of our inquiry so we decided to work together to do our action learning. So for my action learning I made a diffrent slide by myself and then Maddie and I made a poster a book and a blog. This is one of the slides that we posted on the blog. I hope you like it and comment if you think we can improve.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

My Sailing Recount


It was so fun, you may wonder what was fun well I will tell you. On the 2nd of November, we went Sailing. We went to Lake Rua to do some sailing, I went with the whole class including parents and teachers. We had spilt the day in half, in the morning we set up the boats and did a practise ride, in the afternoon we had as many rides as we could and we took down the boats.

Firstly, We went to school and I forgot my swimming gear, luckly my mum went home to get it and I had enough time to put my togs on underneath my clothes, I was worried. We had to wait for a while to let everyone come in. When it was nearly time to leave we had to check to make sure we had everything and to go to the toilets. When we could finally go on the bus I sat with Amelia and on the other side of us was Shay.

After that, We arrived and put our bags on a tarp, and then we went to sit down on the other tarps. First, The people who worked there introduced themselves. Second, They explained how to put the boat together. We also had to be in groups so I was with Bridget and Shay, I was excited. To make the boat we had to firstly, get all the things to make it. We had to get the mast and sail, also we had to get the rudder and centerboard, we took all of those to one of the boats that we wanted to use. Secondly we had to put in the rutter, we did that by putting the bottom half in place first then we had to line up the top one and then push the rudder down.

Lastly, we had to do the sail. First we put the mast in place, then we attached the other pole to the mast  (I can’t remember what it is called), After that we had to use another pole to hook the top part of the sail and put the other side of the pole into a red rope and then we tight end it so then the sail wouldn’t fall down. The only steps we couldn't do were to push the rutter down into the water and to put the center board down. That was because we could only do it in the water.

Finally, We got to the water. Bridget was first up, Shay pushed down the rudder and I put the center board in, then she was off. When she came back we had to grab the boat and turn it back around, Shay pulled up the rudder and I pulled up the center board. I was next. Shay pushed the rudder down and I pushed the center board back down and I was pushed off. I was going at a steady pace when Corbin suddenly was right in front of me, I was worried that I might fall overboard.

I tried to turn as far away as possible so then we wouldn’t hit each others boats but I was only halfway away from his boat when our two boats collided. My boat was thrown to the side, and I was close to falling but as fast as a leopard, I quickly leaned forward to try not to fall out, and the motor boat appeared by my side steadying my boat. The rest of the ride was easy apart from turning, that was always the hardest for me. When I got out of the boat my knees really hurt, I didn’t know why but it stopped a while after.  Once everyone had finished we went back to eat and play. Bridget, Shay, Amelia and I kicked a ball around while we waited to go back out.

My Second ride was easy and I had no problems. A few people tipped their boats but they weren't me. Once everyone had a second ride we went back and I got changed out of my togs and I changed my shoes and socks. The rest of my clothes were not wet at all though. Then they told us to take out the rudder, center board and mast. We put the rudder and centerboard away then we rolled up the sail around the mast and it was time to leave.

We got in the bus and we got to the gate blocking us from leaving. Guess what, it was locked. They couldn’t get the gate open so we were stuck in the bus for a long time until they finally got it open. We finally started the drive back to school. So overall this was a really fun experience and I would do it again.

This was my recount of sailing. If you feel like I can improve, comment to tell me how.

Friday, November 2, 2018

The Luna

A while ago I did a free write and I decided to write about my Cat. She is a Ragdoll and she is now 1 year and 1 month old. I haven't done much because I haven't had much time. Please comment if you think I can improve.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

My E-asttle Recount

This Recount is my E-asttle test, for the end of year tests. I feel like I did well for this and I'm proud of my writing. These are some questions that I will answer.

1. What have I been learning about? I have been learning how to write amazing recounts for the past two weeks. I have learned how to add all the important words to make it more interesting for the reader.

2. What I have found difficult? What I found was difficult was remembering to add in the interesting words to make the reader want to continue reading the recount.

3. How I think I have improved throughout the unit. I think I have improved by adding some more interesting words to make the reader continue reading.

I hope you liked my E-asttle, and please comment if you think I could improve on anything.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Wearable Arts

A while ago I did a post about my work for our WOW work (WOW stands for World Of Wearable arts). I have now done some more on it and we have started making the outfit. So far we have only made the umbrella and we are painting little Christmas ornaments to look like planets so we can put them on our space-themed umbrella. We have also made the hat and we are waiting for the next time we can do it so that Bridget can bring in the top and skirt so we can do more. I don't have any photos because I haven't had a chance to take them and it is messy right now. Feel free to comment and tell me how I can improve.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

My Reading work

This week for reading I have done a few more things and I want to show you what I have done so far. I have done the second part of the Story Map.

Next, I completed doing the synonyms activity. Synonyms are different words that mean the exact same thing.

After that, I rewrote the words in a paragraph that I highlighted in green to make the paragraph better.

Lastly, I did the activity on Antonyms. Antonyms are different words that mean the exact opposite of the other word.

That is all I have done so far in two sessions. Feel free to comment, and give me feedback on where I can improve, and what I have done well.