Friday, May 25, 2018

The First Hippo On the Moon

This Week was our first Hooked on books week and on thursday we read the book about The First Hippo On The Moon by David Williams and It was illustrated by Tony Ross. What I found Challenging to do for the rocket was trying to think of a important note and eight things that can go wrong. What I found challenging for the statue was the head because before I fixed it it looked like a small animal on a big rock.

This is the cover of the book The first hippo on the moon.

This is the present that had this book in it and on friday we cut it in half and Maddie my friend and I got half each. This was a big challenge because the hole class wanted to know what was inside. When we  got the book out of the box the teachers explained why we did art all day that I will explain soon.

This is Maddie My partner to make our page of the book. All day before we got to read the book we got to see the words and we had to draw a picture on paper the we had to iron a piece of fabric and draw the picture on leaving  a blank space on the left side to act as a spine of the book. After we draw the lines we had to make a flour and water paste and we put it into a snap lock bag and we cut a small hole in it in the corner and squeezed all the paste onto the lines and then waited for it to dry. After the paste dried we had to paint in the lines then wait for that to dry then pick off all the paste and it was done. What I found challenging was picking off the paste because Maddie pushed it down while the paste was still wet. What I think we could have done different would be cutting a smaller hole and not letting Maddie pat down the paste.

This is our finished page and I hope You like it. Also our line was "Tina got the wood.".
This was really challenging but I think it turned out really well.

Friday, May 11, 2018

A Lunamonkacorn


A Lunamonkacorn is a part cat part monkey and part unicorn.The home of a Lunamonkacorn is in a unsuspecting cat owners house so your cat may be a Lunamonkacorn.
This animal was discovered by Abby Steele who was a poor unsuspecting owner with a little kitten called Luna. Luna did all of these things and then she turned into a Lunamonkacorn.The cat might attack so you Always must know to stay calm when the cat is attacking because they only use their claws to scratch you and doesn’t hurt that much.

The Lunamonkacorn looks like your everyday adorable cat or kitten but sometimes when they eat their favorite meal they become a Lunamonkacorn which looks like a cute cat or kitten with a monkey face and a monkey tail and has a unicorn horn.Lunamonkacorns move like  angry cats ready to attack at all times even if they aren't getting ready to attack they look like they will be attacking at any moment so you must be careful at all times.

The Lunamonkacorn eats cat food from a company called whiskers and has temptations as treats from the company called temptations sometimes and drinks  your everyday normal water. The Lunamonkacorn eats and drinks whenever the Lunamonkacorn wants or needs to.The Lunamonkacorn goes to the garage or where else the food is placed when the Lunamonkacorn is hungry or thirsty.The Lunamonkacorns favorite meal that makes them turn only works on their birthday so the meal is. A bowl filled with milk, the age of the Lunamonkacorn of treats and a bowl of cat food.


The Lunamonkacorns likes are getting some delicious chicken, beef or turkey flavored temptations and playing with a little mouse or a short plastic stick with string and a soft pink and black leopard print ball at the end of the short plastic stick.The Lunamonkacornshate People and beds, Lunamonkacorns only hate people most of the time except for sometimes when they are happy. Lunamonkacorns like to sleep on some beds and go toilet on others or do both on the same bed that has happened before on Abby Steele’s and also Megan Dunlop’s bed.

Ways to make a Lunamonkacorn turn faster
So to make a Lunamonkacorn turn faster is by still giving the Lunamonkacorn a bowl filled with milk, the age of the Lunamonkacorn of treats and a bowl of cat food, But giving the lunamonkacorn some bird sounds and letting your Lunamonkacorn play with a little mouse or a short plastic stick with string and a soft ball at the end of the plastic short stick exactly otherwise it won’t work.

Good Bye
This is all the information for now so look out because this animal has a lot of qwerks so check for these things and you may find your cat is a Lunamonkacorn. If your cat is a Lunamonkacorn please treat your cat the same but don’t let your Lunamonkacorn see people that your Lunamonkacorn doesn’t know.

What I have been learning about, I have been learning about making a Non Chronological report, Non Chronological report means the report is not in time order.
What I learnt, I learned that Non Chronological reports are real and how to do them to a good standard.
What I have found difficult, I have found that saying everything so formal and in 3rd person is hard.
How I have improved throughout the unit, This is my first one and I think it is really good but my second one iI think is a little bit better

Friday, May 4, 2018

Star wars Day

Today we had a star wars day where just rimu dressed up as star wars character, I have never watched star wars so I don't really know who I was because we had white and black masks that the teachers gave to us if we want it so I wore black so I'm on THE DARK SIDE.
This is My Paper robot from star wars that I made, This robot didn't need tape and then it fell apart a bit.
This is me with my mask and you can see from my shoulders that I was wearing black.

Friday, April 13, 2018

The Trip

This is some of the math we had to do and we had 20000 air km or more that we won to travel around australia and this is mine. 

I hope you enjoy

There's a boy in the girls bathroom

This is all my There's a boy in the girls bathroom work put together so I hope you like it.


#Bob and Derpy

WOW, that was surprising especially in the middle of nowhere, in africa without a soul in sight. I am about 10 to 11 and I got lost from my family, and now I was staring at this thing and this thing is staring down at me WOW it was Remarkable. There are two giraffes having  a piggy back ride so as quick as a hyena, I took a  photo, then tried some other shots.

Suddenly,  wind blew across my 1 meter long blonde hair (Yes I measure my hair) and I felt like climbing up the giraffe and so I started climbing up the first giraffes 19-20 ft body ( Yes it got measured) then I suddenly felt like wondering how did they get into this Ordeal moment. I got onto the first  giraffes back then started climbing the second giraffe which was about 5-10 feet tall. When I reached the top of both giraffes I felt like I was on top of the world until…

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I Screamed I was falling a 20-25 ft drop I was sure to get a bad bad bad injury. THUMP I landed on my Right leg “OWWWWWWWWWWW” I cried. I knew I couldn’t get home and it was a nuisance one big terrible nuisance. I’m stuck and I cant build a shelter or walk to the town where I lived it was to far away and I can’t move and night was falling what am I going to do….

In the end I just went to sleep, and the giraffes decided to curl up around me and also go to sleep. In about 7 in the morning something small but strong was nudging me it was the big giraffes head so I decided to name him Bob It was a very emotional then I named the small one Derpy because he was weird and funny. Suddenly Bob picked me and Derpy up onto his back and set off to the nearest town where I lived.

Bob got us to the hospital on time because it snowed ,but they stayed outside my window the hole time and when the doctors let me go home, I asked my mum and dad if I could keep Bob and Derpy in our huge mansion after all it was very tall and my Mum and dad were very wealthy, in the end they said yes for them to stay.


This is my Friday long write from a few weeks ago but I think it's one of my best ones I hope you liked it.
The highlighted words are some words that the teachers put up on our tv for us to use in our writing but we had to highlight them.