Friday, May 11, 2018

A Lunamonkacorn


A Lunamonkacorn is a part cat part monkey and part unicorn.The home of a Lunamonkacorn is in a unsuspecting cat owners house so your cat may be a Lunamonkacorn.
This animal was discovered by Abby Steele who was a poor unsuspecting owner with a little kitten called Luna. Luna did all of these things and then she turned into a Lunamonkacorn.The cat might attack so you Always must know to stay calm when the cat is attacking because they only use their claws to scratch you and doesn’t hurt that much.

The Lunamonkacorn looks like your everyday adorable cat or kitten but sometimes when they eat their favorite meal they become a Lunamonkacorn which looks like a cute cat or kitten with a monkey face and a monkey tail and has a unicorn horn.Lunamonkacorns move like  angry cats ready to attack at all times even if they aren't getting ready to attack they look like they will be attacking at any moment so you must be careful at all times.

The Lunamonkacorn eats cat food from a company called whiskers and has temptations as treats from the company called temptations sometimes and drinks  your everyday normal water. The Lunamonkacorn eats and drinks whenever the Lunamonkacorn wants or needs to.The Lunamonkacorn goes to the garage or where else the food is placed when the Lunamonkacorn is hungry or thirsty.The Lunamonkacorns favorite meal that makes them turn only works on their birthday so the meal is. A bowl filled with milk, the age of the Lunamonkacorn of treats and a bowl of cat food.


The Lunamonkacorns likes are getting some delicious chicken, beef or turkey flavored temptations and playing with a little mouse or a short plastic stick with string and a soft pink and black leopard print ball at the end of the short plastic stick.The Lunamonkacornshate People and beds, Lunamonkacorns only hate people most of the time except for sometimes when they are happy. Lunamonkacorns like to sleep on some beds and go toilet on others or do both on the same bed that has happened before on Abby Steele’s and also Megan Dunlop’s bed.

Ways to make a Lunamonkacorn turn faster
So to make a Lunamonkacorn turn faster is by still giving the Lunamonkacorn a bowl filled with milk, the age of the Lunamonkacorn of treats and a bowl of cat food, But giving the lunamonkacorn some bird sounds and letting your Lunamonkacorn play with a little mouse or a short plastic stick with string and a soft ball at the end of the plastic short stick exactly otherwise it won’t work.

Good Bye
This is all the information for now so look out because this animal has a lot of qwerks so check for these things and you may find your cat is a Lunamonkacorn. If your cat is a Lunamonkacorn please treat your cat the same but don’t let your Lunamonkacorn see people that your Lunamonkacorn doesn’t know.

What I have been learning about, I have been learning about making a Non Chronological report, Non Chronological report means the report is not in time order.
What I learnt, I learned that Non Chronological reports are real and how to do them to a good standard.
What I have found difficult, I have found that saying everything so formal and in 3rd person is hard.
How I have improved throughout the unit, This is my first one and I think it is really good but my second one iI think is a little bit better

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