Friday, July 6, 2018

My Term 2 Reflection

  • What worked well for me this term
I think I have done really well with my writing for going past the word limit and trying to get it to as high a standard I can and writing as much as I need to write the whole story. Reading also worked well for me this term because I enjoyed doing the work about Posted.

  • What I’m proud of this term
I’m proud of my math because I think I’ve done ok in the angles and converting fractions
and decimals and percentages. I’m also proud of my reading because every week I complete
the questions and the 1 activity quickly but at a high standard. I am really proud of my newspaper
mainly because the first two days I used the site then on the last day it all deleted and I quickly
remade it on a doc and edited and then I was the first to finish it.

  • How have I shown my YMS hero qualities
When I got my first badge for getting 100 hero cards on Thursday the 5th of July.
When I still tried to finish all of my work on my news report to a high standard and only
needed to have one more and put into it. When I finished my Digi awards to a really high
standard even when It was a bit hard making some things.

  • Are there some things that haven't gone well for me this term
What I think hasn’t gone well for me is that my first news report that I had finished was deleted
because It made me rush to finish my work but in the end, I think it was some good work.
I also think that math hasn’t gone so well but it got better because at first I didn’t know many
of the angles but now I know a few more.

  • What challenges me and how did I work through that challenge
What challenged me was covering the things into other things at first but then I got help and
it is a little bit easier now if I have the triangle up. What also challenged me was when we got some
questions from posted that we hadn’t read yet but then I just thought a bit and put what I thought about it.

  • What will be my focus next term

My focus next term will be to improve on math even more than I have this term.
My other focus would to be to get better at my writing so then I will get all greens and not so
many oranges and NO reds.

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